About the Orchestra

The New River Orchestra, Inc. is the collaboration of a group of musicians for the continued study and performance of classical music. Our vision is to be an elite local orchestra. We are committed to being a source of pride and joy for our audience.

The orchestra was founded in 2005 by Beverly Daw, Frank Molano, and Linc Lackey, and began with 15 members looking for a musical outlet during the summer season. Today, the orchestra has grown into a group of over 50 members.

We are committed to having a rewarding educational and musical experience for both our members and our audiences.

Program 2023

Music by Brahms, Bernstein, Marquez, Joplin, Colridge-Taylor,

Gluck, Khatchaturian, Bock, Gluck, Prokofiev

We hope to see you July 30, 2023


2023 Roster

  • Flute
    Carol Naveira-Nicholson*
    Beth Sperling

    Janice Gillies*
    David Sucik

    Kathy Crotty*
    Eula Skehan

    Bass Clarinet
    Mike Rieder

    Leo Brandenberg
    Mike Rieder*
    Bernie Rose
    Gary Wisgo

    James Barber
    Marc Slakoff*

    French Horn
    Tim Beasor
    Ken Gruber
    Mike Kates
    Kim Nickelson*

    Trudy Cavallo*
    Dennis Noday
    Shelvin Robinson

    Mike Balogh*
    Michael Egan
    Doug MacCoy

    Patrick Anello

    Stephanie Colman*
    Victoria Ensler
    Jonathan Sydel
    Alain Valiente

    Drum Set
    Paul Freier

  • Violin 1
    Ismail Ecran
    Dilek Gokturk-Cary
    Gloria Hakkarainen**
    Vanessa Leal
    Bianca Tavares
    Philip Tempkin

    Violin II
    Jeanne Hallberg
    Beverly Sanders*
    Rena Sydel
    Samantha Tomayo

    Stephanie Firdman*
    Christina Gomez
    Clint Henry
    Ellen Musen
    Cesare Turner

    Judith Bezark
    Beverly Daw*
    Monica McBride
    Diana Murdock

    Linc Lackey
    Piper Spencer*
    Alex Martin

    Steven Seto

    ** Denotes Concertmaster
    * Denotes Principal

New River Orchestra

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