About the Orchestra

The New River Orchestra, Inc. is the collaboration of a group of musicians for the continued study and performance of classical music. Our vision is to be an elite local orchestra. We are committed to being a source of pride and joy for our audience.

The orchestra was founded in 2005 by Beverly Daw, Frank Molano, and Linc Lackey, and began with 15 members looking for a musical outlet during the summer season. Today, the orchestra has grown into a group of over 50 members.

We are committed to having a rewarding educational and musical experience for both our members and our audiences.

Program 2023

Music by Brahms, Bernstein, Marquez, DeFalla,

Gluck, Khatchaturian, Bock, Gluck, Prokofiev

We hope to see you July 30, 2023


2023 Roster

  • Flute
    Carol Naveira-Nicholson*
    Beth Sperling

    Janice Gillies*
    David Sucik

    Kathy Crotty*
    Eula Skehan

    Bass Clarinet
    Mike Rieder

    Leo Brandenberg
    Mike Rieder*
    Bernie Rose
    Gary Wisgo

    James Barber
    Marc Slakoff*

    French Horn
    Tim Beasor
    Ken Gruber*
    Bill Hollin Mike Kates

    Trudy Cavallo*
    Dennis Noday
    Shelvin Robinson

    Alberto Altamiranda
    Doug MacCoy
    Vincent Tozzi
    Donald Weaver*

    Patrick Anello

    Stephanie Colman*
    Victoria Ensler
    Ryan Ressler
    Jonathan Sydel

    Drum Set
    Paul Freier

  • Violin 1
    Ismail Ecran
    Gloria Hakkarainen**
    Vanessa Leal
    Bianca Tavares
    Philip Tempkin

    Violin II
    Jeanne Hallberg
    Beverly Sanders*
    Rena Sydel
    Samantha Tomayo

    Stephanie Firdman*
    Christina Gomez
    Ellen Musen
    Cesare Turner

    Judith Bezark
    Monica McBride
    Diana Murdock*

    Linc Lackey
    Piper Spencer*

    Stephen Seto

    ** Denotes Concertmaster
    * Denotes Principal

New River Orchestra

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